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Information Sharing Management Services

Enterprise strategies

Developing strategies and plans for innovative improvements in operations, tactics, and the application of information technology to improve performance

Project Planning and Management

Design of information technology projects including the definition of requirements and performance metrics and management practices for information technology related projects

Consulting Services for:

  • Managing information technology
  • Information sharing strategies
  • Evaluating project outcomes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 

The search for return on investment

Wormeli Consulting has helped clients define and measure outcomes and reduce costs of operations by identifying value premises and analyzing business operations to identify processes that can be improved or eliminated.

Inter-jurisdictional and inter-disciplinary collaboration

Wormeli Consulting has helped federal, state, and local agencies develop strategies and processes for improving information sharing and collaboration in support of critical missions in public safety, homeland security and public health, including the design of governance processes and common agreements on  how to organize joint ventures.


Next Steps...

For help in developing strategies and plans to enhance the value of information technology in improving agency and multi-agency operations, call us to discuss the possibilities.  (703) 627-8154