The Future of Preserving the Integrity of Digital Evidence

The National White Collar Crime Center has posted a webinar given by Paul Wormeli and Kay Chopard presenting a discussion of the issues that face agencies in protecting and preserving the integrity of digital evidence such as video from body-worn cameras as courts insist on having proof that the evidence has not been transformed in any way from its original form.  The potential of zero trust architecture and its components is discussed, along with potential principles for procuring protective measures. (Registration is required.)

The impact of video evidence on the criminal justice system

This webinar reports on a case study involving the deployment of video cameras in the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Police Department.  The project involved determining potential policies governing the review and redaction of video evidence and the development of a cost model for estimating the resources required to deal with the video evidence created from the deployment of the cameras.   the webinar was presented by the IJIS Institute and featured presentations by Paul Wormeli and Kay Chopard Cohen.

The challenges of improving information sharing across domains

This podcast deals with the difficulty of improving information sharing, particularly during a pandemic.  The podcast is hosted by Alan Shark, Executive Director of the Public Technology Institute

Data, technology, and the quality of justice in America

This podcast is hosted by Sue Humphreys of equivant.

Federal Perspectives on Interoperability

At the 2015 symposium of the Stewards of Change Institute, Paul Wormeli moderated a panel of federal officials providing their perspective on the future of interoperability.

Paul Wormeli on Global Forum 2012

Paul Wormeli is interviewed at “The Global Forum 2012: SHAPING A CONNECTED DIGITAL FUTURE: Visions, Challenges, Opportunities for Organizations and People in a Smart World.” The Global Forum is an annual international and independent event, dedicated to the economic, political, social, and societal issues related to the successful evolution of the information sharing society.

All about NIEM

This short video on the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) overviews its history, community, and future. Featured speakers are Kshemendra Paul, Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE); Patrick McCreary, Associate Deputy Director, Bureau of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice; Michael Daconta, former Metadata Program Manager, Department of Homeland Security; and, Paul Wormeli, Executive Director Emeritus, IJIS Institute. Produced by the NIEM Program Management Office (09/2011).

NIEM as an International Standard

An interview with the European Commission as reported on Joinup. Discussion of how NIEM might apply to European or, more broadly, to international collaboration. ​