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Sharing Knowledge

We have to get beyond handling the fire hose of data we get daily and hourly to the point where we share knowledge, not just raw data.

Why NIBRS Matters

With the support of the FBI, the momentum is in place to migrate from the summary UCR system of collecting data on crimes known to the police to an  incident based reporting system that will provide much more context for understanding crime.  This presentation addresses why this is important.

Moving Beyond Information Sharing

In a presentation and discussion moderated by Dr. Alan Shark, Executive Director of Public Technology Institute, Paul Wormeli suggests a forward-looking approach to move from information sharing to knowledge sharing in order to better handle the huge and increasing flood of information. Dr. Shark and Wormeli discuss some of the implications for local government of a new approach to knowledge sharing.


The National Information Exchange Model is the starting point for cross-domain information sharing, having built a core set of data components common to multiple domains and allowing for domain specific data components to be used in concert with the core elements to foster ways to standardize exchanges across multiple domains.